Mark Angel Comedy Youtube Channel Hits 500k Subscribers

Mark Angel Comedy YouTube Channel has reached a significant milestone of 500K channel subscribers within just 9 months.

Mark Angel Comedy YouTube channel is where people can watch rib cracking comedy videos from memes to jokes, short comedy movies and much more with a new episode uploaded every Friday, with well over 100 million views and 500 thousand subscribers, Mark Angel Comedy is definitely one of the top 5 YouTube Channels in Nigeria.

Mark Angel Comedy partners with Menta Music, a YouTube Premium Partner MCN (Multi Channel Network), Menta Music is delighted to announce and officially endorse Mark Angel Comedy for reaching a significant milestone of 500k subscribers.

Menta Music focuses on promoting African content & music, generating significant revenues by managing and monetizing their video and content feeds on YouTube. Menta Music represents well-known content brands and creators ranging from Musicians, Comedians, Movie Makers, TV Channels and DIY content owners focusing on the African market including Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Senegal, Cameroon, Liberia, Guinee, Ethiopia and Gambia.


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