Yemi Alade Barks At Her Critics; Calls Them Gender Biased

It apparently seems Yemi Alade has “had it up to here” with critics of her music and especially her song lyrics.

Thank heavens for social media platforms, in a tirade on SnapChat, Yemi Alade registered her displeasure with self acclaimed “Nigerian music critics” who she believes are just picking on female music acts.

The “Johnny” crooner Yemi Alade, lashed at those criticizing her song lyrics swiftly reminding them she is “smiling to the bank”. She was also of the opinion that music critics don’t mete out same judgement on male artistes. She claimed their criticism is fired mainly at the female folks in the music industry.

“I don tire for all this self-acclaimed critics in this Nigeria. They don’t do any form of research, they don’t listen to the artistes’ songs” she began her rant. ” I‘m upset about this kind of thing, I just really think that people don’t know when they’re actually being biased gender wise. They don’t know when they’re trying to pick on females. Enough is enough, y’all just shut up!

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