Kanye West Ends His ‘Saint Pablo’ Show Early after Losing His Voice.

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West ends his “Saint Pablo” show at the Forum in Inglewood, California early, after losing his voice.


Kanye West’s “Saint Pablo” tour hit the Forum in Inglewood, California on Thursday night, although fans didn’t get the full show they bargained (or rather, paid excessively) for, because Kanye West had to cut the concert first after losing his voice.Reports are circulating this morning that the Yeezus was 45 minutes into his set, when the concert ended. The rapper was performing his record with Paul McCartney “Only One,” when towards the end of the song, he alerted the crowd, “My voice is so hoarse…I can’t finish the show…I can’t let y’all have a show where I can’t perform for you.”

He went on to apologize to the crowd, promising he’d do better next time. “I’m very sorry. I love you,” he said. There’s a video clip of that via twitter below. The crowd initially starting booing before chanting Kanye’s name.

“Turn the lights up, shows over. I can’t let ya’ll have a show where I can’t perform. I’m sorry.” #SaintPabloTour pic.twitter.com/m0R0BpgsOz

— Tamara Dhia (@tamaradhia) November 4, 2016

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