Nigerian music icon, Sir Victor Uwaifo has lamented the advent of computer, saying the trend has killed real music and presents counterfeit to music lovers.

Uwaifo, who is also a writer, sculptor, and musical instrument inventor, was speaking with the Punch. He added that the musicians no longer had bands but depended on the computer for beats production.

The “Joromi” “Guitar Boy” and “Mummy Water” crooner advised the young musicians to learn how to play instruments.

Uwaifo’s songs made waves in the late 60s and 70s, and the Professor of Arts at the University of Benin believes that music has evolved to what we have now.

Comparing music then and now, he said “They are completely two worlds, you go to the studio and record, when you make a mistake you repeat all over again but over time they started introducing small gadgets until we got to the age of computer.

“In computer you don’t need to have a band, one man can record, he goes to the studio, lay down the track, play the other instrument, get the other musician to lay down his track differently, just like a tailor making a shirt.

“He cuts them into pieces and sews them together. So, for our young ones today, it is not that they understand music but they play music and the computer is arranging it for them.

“The computer will concise the bad voice and put it in line and shape and the producer helps a lot. The producer has an idea but the computer is supposed to be a model to have an idea of what a song should sound like but it is not music itself.

“You still have musical instrument. People must learn how to play musical instrument because once you know the rudiments of music, you can play several instruments.

“I play almost all musical instruments, from piano to sax, to bass guitar, guitar, clarinet, xylophone and a lot of other instruments. I didn’t want to play trumpet because I didn’t want any mark on my lips, that is the only one I avoided.