Snow fell in Sahara desert for the first time in 37 years. The snow brought about a chilly atmosphere for the villagers around.

Those who witnessed the event said it is the second time in living memory that snow has fallen, with the last occasion being in February 1979.
The pictures were taken by amateur photographer Karim Bouchetata in the small Saharan desert town of Ain Sefra, Algeria, yesterday afternoon. He captured the amazing moment snow fell on the red sand dunes in the world’s largest hot desert.

Snow was last seen in Ain Sefra, which is known as ‘The Gateway to the Desert’, on February 18, 1979 – when the snow storm lasted just half an hour.
This time the snow stayed for a day in the town, which is around 1,000 metres above sea level and surrounded by the Atlas Mountains.
Karim said: ‘Everyone was stunned to see snow falling in the dessert, it is such a rare occurrence.
‘It looked amazing as the snow settled on the sand and made a great set of photos.