Let’s Discuss! Should Olamide Add Little International Recognition To His Career? (Read This)

There wouldn’t be any Nigerian artistes that would beat Olamide when it comes to consistency and versatility.

Taking a popularity contest in Nigerian among the musicians here in the country, there is no one who would beat Baddo. Wizkid, Davido, 2baba, Dbanj, the defunct Psquare group, there is no one who is as famous as the WO crooner. He release different singles in accordance with the industry’s demand which make him more and more relevant in Nigeria Music.

Recently , Davido and Wizkid showed their prowess abroad and brought home some awards from international stages which includes MOBO and EMA awards which further propel their recognition all around the world. They both had earned major international awards and achieved a lot on international stage.

Yet, Someone who happen to be superior at home, both in terms of award winning and popularity, seems to lack the international recognition deserved of him.

The reason is not far fetched, Olamide enjoys his dominance at home and he adds no or little efforts to make himself recognized in the outer world.

The big question is ‘Do you think he should put more effort in international recognition’? What is your own opinion? Drop your comments below.

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