7-Year-Old Gets Response From Google’s CEO After Writing To The Company Seeking For a Job

Chloe Bridgewater, age 7, sent Google a handwritten letter noting her computer skills and expressing interest in working at a place that provides bean-bag chairs and go-karts for their employees.

The ‘Google boss’, CEO Sundar Pichai, replied telling Chloe that he looks ‘forward to receiving’ her job application and encouraged the young girl to follow her dreams.

Chloe, who lives in Hereford, was inspired to write the letter after seeing images of Google offices filled with comfy bean-bags, go-karts and slides.

In Chloe’s letter, she tells Pichai, who she deems ‘Google boss’, that she enjoys using computers and plays a game on her tablet where she ‘moves a robot up and down’.

She also explained that her dad said if she continues being a good student and get good grades she will one day have a job at Google.

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