The first nomination show for season 3 of Big Brother Naija has just wrapped up and if you missed it, we’ve got the scoop for you.This season, the housemates are playing in pairs so each pair had to nominate two pairs for possible eviction.

Even though Biggie has said there will be NO EVICTION this coming Sunday, the housemates are unaware of that fact.

Here’s how the housemates voted:

Bitto & Princess – 1) Teddy A and BamBam 2) KBrule and Khloe

Lolu & Anto – 1) Angel and Ifu 2) KBrule and Khloe

Vandora & DeeOne – 1) Angel and Ifu 2) Lolu and Anto

Rico & Ahneeka – 1) Miracle and Nina 2) Bitto and Princess

K.Brule & Khloe – 1) Bitto and Princess 2) Miracle and Nina

Leo & Alex – 1) Angel and Ifu 2) Bitto and Princess

Teddy A & BamBam – 1) KBrule and Khloe 2) Miracle and Nina

Miracle & Nina – 1) KBrule and Khloe 2) Angel and Ifu

Angel & Ifu – 1)KBrule and Khloe 2) Leo and Alex

Tobi & Cee-C – 1)Bitto and Princess 2) Lolu and anto
As Head of House, Tobi got the task of saving one pair and replacing with another. He saved Miracle and Nina, and replaced them with Teddy A and BamBam.

Here are the final housemates up for eviction.

K.Brule & Khloe 

Bitto & Princess 

Lolu & Anto

Teddy A & BamBam

Remember: This is a fake nomination and there will be no “eviction” on Sunday during the live show. There is no need to vote this week.

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